Dr. Brandon Fuller has a passion for helping others in need. He believes the best care for his

patients is an integrative medical approach in which the implementation of patient-centered care

is essential. Healing is accomplished while incorporating the best of modern and holistic

medicines help to mend almost any problem. Using a personalized approach to healthcare by

combining therapies as needed will assist with disease prevention and elimination of stress and

pain, which is where he excels. By understanding an individual’s specific needs for achieving

mental and physical balance, a real recovery may occur.

A Florida licensed and board-certified acupuncture physician, he holds Clinical pain

management and the associated psychological issues with pain from AOMA college of

integrated medicine. Having over 12 years of experience in clinical settings, he often shares his

expertise with patients and practitioners throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to

offering acupuncture in Sarasota, Florida, he is the Clinical Director at East West College. He

sits on the institution’s oversight committee.

He is now working on his certificate in FACS (Facial Action Coding System). He plans to

continue his knowledge in the medical aspects of psychology and pain management. Dr. Fuller

enjoys helping those in the community, educating on a healthier lifestyle, and how it can be

achieved at an affordable price.