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የካምፕ ደህንነት እና ደህንነት

East West College of Natural Medicine: Covid-19 Protection Plan for Campus

                                                    August 2, 2021

**Take all precautions as per requirements from CDC in Phase 1

To Read More click here >>>EWCNM COVID Protection Plan For Campus

  1. This is the updated plan regarding the updated opening procedures for the campus Covid-19 response.

  2. We recognize that everyone’s life circumstances are different, and we want to empower you to make the decision about your health and education that you believe is appropriate. However, we as a campus must follow appropriate regulations in order to not only ensure your safety, but the continuation of your education. We are now implementing an “Online Option” for those who are eligible to do so. Meaning, if you have tested positive or have gotten the Covid test and are awaiting results. As before, we will ask for verification of the test results. Availability to do classes online will only be fore didactic. All clinic hours will need to be made up in person, potentially over the semester break. This option will NOT be permanent but will be offered until the end of the summer semester. We will revisit this option at the beginning of the fall semester, if necessary.

  3. Those who live in the same household with family who have tested positive will be required to quarantine and receive a Covid test. You will be able to return to campus with a negative test result. Anyone missing Clinic shifts will need to make them up potentially over the semester break.

  4. Faculty, Staff and Students will be on campus for the remainder of the semester. All faculty will need to be prepared to teach “hybrid” courses, as we did before. Those students who are remaining at home (if having received permission to do so), will need to sign on and be visible during the class, in order to receive credit for the class. Faculty will only credit those students who are visible and participating. (Please note, only students with “verifiable medical reasons” will be permitted to be online)

  5. We aim to make it possible for high-risk employees and students (or those with families at high risk) to work and learn remotely. Asymptomatic students in quarantine and those with COVID will participate in class remotely. Makeup hours will be required for those who are not able to be on campus or participate online. NO clinic hours will be done online but must be made up in person at a designated time. This requirement must be fulfilled before graduation, but we will not require you to come to campus, except for clinic hours, if you meet the guidelines stated above.

  6. Masks and 6-foot social distancing will be required in all indoor spaces with more than one individual. We will monitor the health environment of the campus with a daily self-screening. Any students or faculty not following the mask guidelines will be sent home and not given credit for the class and/or day.

  7. We are currently working as Phase II (Possible Community Spread). Please see posted guidelines that are on the EWCNM website. You can also ask for a full in depth packet at the Clinic Reception desk.

  1. Infection prevention includes the use of masks, gloves, hand washing, and hand sanitizer

  2. Any patient coughing or exhibiting cold or flu symptoms must be accessed and possibly rescheduling of their visit.

  3. Faculty, staff, and students who are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms must stay home from work to prevent infecting others.

  4. Frequent proper handwashing and use of hand sanitizers are encouraged. (See CDC best practice)

  5. Other infection prevention measures such as appropriate cleaning of classroom and clinic surfaces and other areas of frequent use

  6. Temperature taking as all faculty / students enter the building will continue. Anyone registering a temp of 99 degrees or higher will be assessed by Dr. Feleke or Dr. Wu to determine if that person needs to go home, or to be tested. This decision will not be up for debate.

  7. We will continue to work closely with the CDC, Dept of Health and all State regulatory bodies to ensure the safety and health of everyone here at EWCNM, including staff, students, faculty and patients. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this crucial phase.

  8. Please know that while we are following the above guidelines, we as a campus / clinic have initiated additional protocol that will be for your protection and must also be followed accordingly.

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